Disney on Ice returns to EnergySolutions Arena, Nov. 6–10, with a show that will take you and the kids all over the world, and some places found only in imagination, Passport to Adventure. Mickey and Minnie Mouse are the tour guides on this getaway. Stops include settings for The Lion King, The Little Mermaid, Lilo & Stitch and Peter Pan. 

We sat down with Moris Pfeifhofer, a 2008 Swiss senior silver medalist in ice skating and one of the stars of Passport to Adventure.

Pfheifhofer has been skating for nearly 20 years and joined the Disney on Ice team in 2012. He played a small role in the Toy Story 3 show, and is currently portraying the roles of young Simba and Peter Pan. 

Tell us a bit more about your roles in the show.

"I play the roles of young Simba in the first act and in the second, Peter Pan. I really look like young Simba. I have a mask, a tail and everything. I really look like I'm a little lion. As Peter Pan, I have the tights, I have my green hat, and I have a sword for fighting Captain Hook. We have pixie dust, Tinkerbell is there, the Darling family is there—it really looks like it does in the movie."

What's it like being Peter Pan?

"It's a great role. It's during the whole second act. It's really nice to play the role, because I will be on the ice for 45 minutes. We're flying, we have special effects, we have everything—it's fun."

What is your favorite part of the show? 

"I really like The Little Mermaid, because there is a lot of colors and the whole cast will be on the ice, almost 50 skaters, for the entire number Under the Sea. It looks great with all the lights, and of course, Peter Pan, because of the flying and everything."

What's it like being a Disney on Ice skater?

"We're traveling each week, going to a different city. I am from Zurich, Switzerland, and I'm in the US for seven months, so all the cities we're going to are new for me. So, I'm super excited when I tell my friends at home, 'I'm in California, I'm in Florida, I'm in New York.' We always open on a Wednesday or Thursday, so Monday and Tuesday and possibly Wednesday we have open to explore the city or relax or go shopping."

Any message for the Salt Lake City parents?

"Whoever comes to the show will have a great time, because it's the oldest show Disney has on ice, but it's a really, really good show. Everytime I see this show, I get goosbumps. They will love it."

Disney on Ice: Passport to Adventure runs Nov. 6–10. Click here for tickets.