Forsey's Furniture Galleries celebrated 60 years of Thayer Coggin's modern furniture on Wednesday night. 

Reproduced furniture, covering all six decades, was on display, and Phil Miller, Vice President of Marketing for Thayer Coggin, told the story behind manufacturer J. Thayer Coggin and designer Milo Baughman's relationship—business and personal.

Guests take a seat to hear Miller tell the story behind Coggin and Baughman's relationship.

Both men were born in the early '20s, both men lived through the Great Depression, and both men served in the military during World War II. And giving credit to the term "greatest generation," their word was their bond.  "They had a handshake agreement for 50 years," Miller says.

In 1953, they unveiled their first line of products together. When designs came out, just as much attention was given to every part of each furniture piece. "They went from zero sales in 1953 to $35 million sales in 1973," Miller says.

The event was part of a country-wide tour. "We have 13 more of these," Miller says. "I cannot tell you how grateful I am."

Bob Forsey, owner of Forsey's, says his store has had a "long-time association with Thayer Coggin." He also announced that all of the Thayer Coggin furniture shown at the event would remain 40-percent off through most of November.

One of Forsey's favorite furniture pieces at the event was the 1965 Draper Chair, which has a solid walnut frame.

Draper Chairs, W 29 D 28 H 30 in.

Here are some of the other reproduced pieces that caught our eye at the event:

Eggshell Chair, W 30 D 32 H 34 in.

Boldido Chair, W 29 D 28 H 30 in.

Circle Sofa, W 121 D 50 H 25 in.