Vibrant styles and hues come and go with each passing season. Discovered on Main Street, these ladies and gentleman show the graceful power in timeless essentials.

Ryan Foster, consultant

“Old-man classic is my style. My shoes are from Nordstrom; my pocket square and jacket are custom-made from Shanghai, and my glasses and pants are from H&M.”—Ryan Foster

Teresa Barrett, nurse

“I used to work in a consignment shop, so I think of clothing as art. I dress every day to show my art to the world. My shoes are from Zappos, jacket and purse are J.Crew, earrings are Kate Spade and sweater is from a consignment store in Boston.”—Teresa Barrett

Annika Kuan, outdoor-lover

“I like to shop all over, but mainly at thrift stores, consignment shops and my sister’s closet. I am inspired by nature; I love the fall for all the earthy, neutral colors. I got my pants at T.J. Maxx, my jacket at Consignment Circuit and my glasses at Costco.”—Annika Kuan