Justin Soelberg, formerly Chef at Communal Restaurant (owned by his cousin Colton Soelberg), and now chef at Bistro 222, a man clearly committed to good food, has pulled together a group of local chefs with the community in mind. 

 The new organization, SLC Kitchen Collective brings together cooks and chefs to talk about trends, techniques, sourcing of products and how to raise the bar in the SLC restaurant community. Every couple of months, the collective will also present a popup restaurant, but before you say popups are so over, note that all the proceeds from these dinners will go to a charity.

So far, Pago/Finca, Bodega, Bistro 222, Eva's Bakery, Communal, Pizzeria 712, The Rose Establishment and Happy Sumo have signed on and each week more are hopping on board.

The group is having a launch party this Sunday, so I'll know more after that, but it sounds like a great addition to Utah's ever more amazing dining scene. 

And can I say it? It's SO Utah. In the best possible way.