Everyone and their dog is talking about cro-nuts, the croissant that crashed into a doughnut and produced an all-newish breakfast pastry. Food writers—like myself—are always desperate for something new to write about and, frankly, there isn't much right now. Molecular cuisine has vanished, liquid nitrogen ice cream is sold in chain stores, farm-to-table has become the norm and who doesn't eat local. 

The news we're left with: cro-nuts.

So imagine how thrilled I was to hear that right here in SLC we had a whole new take on the hottest topic: a croi-liner. Vosen's Bread Paradise has long been known for its berliners (click here for the infamous JFK-berliner story), known to most of us as jelly-filled doughnuts. Now they've made a berliner out of croissant dough. It somes with raspberry or apricot jam, is rolled in sugar and topped—unnucessarily, in my opinion—with buttercream.  Voila! The croi-liner. 

But that's not really the biggest news from Vosen's, for those of us who care more about good bread than trends. After 16 years, Vosen's Bread Paradise has moved from one 100 year old building to another. It has left the endearingly funky old house and moved  to Westgate Lofts, a fireproof industrial warehouse (328 W. 200 South) constructed in the early 1900's. At street level, under the urban lofts, Vosen's has spiffed itself into a Starbucks-worthy hipster coffeehouse, complete with WiFi. 

In the old days at Vosen's, you had to butter up the blond matron behind the bread case to get a cup of coffee. Now Vosen's is a full-on cafe, serving Millcreek Coffee. More shelves than ever are stocked with European grocery imports, like those mysterious German cookies. And Vosen's still serves all the traditional German pastries

and breads. 

The cases are full, but call 801-322-2424 the day before by 2 pm to special order any of our items for next day pickup.