When winter hits, forget skinny tires. It's all about snow-hungry fat tires. Here, you'll meet a fat-tire pro and find gear to pick up.


Epic Biking owner Dan Burton. 

Dan Burton, owner of Epic Biking in Saratoga Springs, began life as a computer programmer. Then biking saved his life. “As a computer programmer,” he explains, “I spent a lot of time sitting at a desk. I got overweight and my cholesterol got real bad. A bunch of guys at work were into mountain biking, so I started biking with them.” 

Biking daily reversed his health decline and turned him into a biking believer and two-wheeled adventurer. Now Burton is the owner and evangelist at Epic, a shop he opened in 2007. His journey to health and bikes may even take him to the South Pole.

“I have some fat bikes right next to the front door of my store, so I would get asked about them all the time and I’d tell people about Eric Larsen’s attempt to bike [on one] to the South Pole. One customer told me that when he won the lottery he would take me on a biking expedition down there. I didn’t take him seriously, but couldn’t get the idea of going out of my head, so I started working on a plan to make it happen,” Burton says.

Now, Burton trains six days a week, waking up at 3 a.m. to fit in longer rides–all in anticipation of the month he’ll spend fighting Antarctic headwinds on his uphill journey to the earth’s southernmost point. Don’t worry about him though; it’s good for his health.


45NRTH Wolvhammer Biking Boots

You wear boots for every other winter activity, why not try some SPD-compatible cleats with the power of ancient Vikings inside? $325, fatbikes.com

Time ATAC Allum Pedals

Good engagement in icy conditions plus bigger platforms to prevent embarrassing slippage. $80 Epic Biking, Saratoga Springs, 801-653-2039.

Pearl Izumi PRO Softshell Lobster Glove

Warmth, dexterity and a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle chic -- there's no downs ide to the Lobster Glove. Cowabunga! $75 Pearl Izumi Outlet, Park City, 435-615-7800

Arc'teryx lncendo Tights

A superb moisture-wicking base or solo layer. Not only are these tights slimming, they also prevent sweat-induced hypothermia. $89, rei.com


It's understandable if you're skeptical of another beefy-bike investment. You can rent a fat-bottomed beauty at your local shop-Freddie Mercury would be proud.

Epic Biking 
1306 N. Redwood Rd. 
Saratoga Springs
$45 a day

3232 S. 400 East
Salt Lake City
Call ahead to confirm avaliability and rates.

White Pine Touring
1790 Bonanza Dr. 
Park City
$65 a day

Saturday Cycles
605 N. 300 West
Salt Lake City
$25 a day 

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