Photographer Cory Devenney. Photo courtesy of Cory Devenney Photography

It seems like everyone has an expensive DSLR camera these days. High-quality photos are at the tips of almost everyone’s fingers and the title of “photographer” is thrown around loosely. Regardless, there is a distinct difference between photography taken on a family vacation and photography taken with an intention to create art.

SLC photographer Cory Devenney falls into the latter, as his unique style captures the eye and demands the viewer’s attention.

“I didn’t start shooting stuff like I shoot now, more conceptual surrealism, until probably the last year-and-a-half or so,” Devenney says. "That’s the style I really like, something that’s different. I have to stand out and be a little different."

Photo courtesy of Cory Devenney Photography

Devenney’s interest in photography started in high school, where he learned the basics of a simple camera and a darkroom. He also studied different artists and was deeply impacted by Jerry Uelsmann, an American photomontage photographer and artist. Both Uelsmann and other conceptual artists of different mediums helped influence Devenney and his work today.

“I really like that kind of style, so I started to implement that digitally into my work during my senior year in high school,” Devenney says. “From there, I just continued to get more ideas.”

As someone who is familiar with the surrealism work available today, Devenney understands that the style is growing around the world. But here at home, he humbly prides himself in being one of the few who can stand out and bring something new to the table.

“I just like it because it puts you out of the mind-set of traditional photography,” Devenney says about his style. “I have to think of ideas, and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. It’s just a trial and error process.”

To view more of Devenney’s surrealistic and traditional work or to contact him, check out his website and Facebook page, or email him at

Photo courtesy of Cory Devenney Photography