We've reached a point in the school year that students are neck deep in homework and projects. A designated study space at home is a smart and easy way for students of all ages to stay organized and focused. Whether it's incorporated in a bedroom or common area, as long as it's away from major distractions like the TV and Internet (the latter is practically inevitable, I know) you might see more As on the report card.

DESK: Create a space big enough to make room for all those books and such, but not so big that it collects unnecessary clutter. Ansel Teak Desk, The Land of Nod

CHAIR: A comfortable chair that promotes good posture might also promote endless hours of learning. Who knows? Coup Office Chair, CB2

TASK LAMP: Avoid eye strain by shedding a little light on the situation at all times. TISDAG LED Work Lamp, IKEA

CALENDAR: Keep track of due dates, events and holidays with a desk or wall calendar. Not only will it help keep your student organized and on time, but listing holidays and fun events will also give them something to look forward to. 2014 Academic Great Big Wall Calendar, Paper Source

DESK ACCESSORIES: Cleanliness promotes clear minds, so throw in a few whimsical organizational accessories like these dachsund bookends and a patterned pencil cup. The more kid-oriented they are, the more chance you might have that they'll actually use them. Jonathan Adler Dachsund Bookends, Barnes & Noble | Nate Berkus for Target Pencil Holder, Target

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