Certified cheese expert Matt Caputo says:

Ossau Iraty is a French Basque cheese I have already written about in this blog, twice. One aged in our cave for a month and the other for 6 months. Each rendition is completely different. One like fresh pecorino and one like sheep Gruyere.

This week we found a wheel of Ossau in the cave that was only halfway through its 6 months aging to make it a "reserve." Unfortunately, on this particular wheel we found a large portion of the rind had cracked and sloughed off. The cheese underneath still looked perfect, but if aged any longer the whole wheel would be at serious risk for a complete loss.

We pulled it out without too much hope, but after cutting out a wedge, noticed that the paste looked to be a really nice texture. Upon tasting, a persistent aroma of grass and honey quickly asserted itself. With moans and eyes rolled back, we knew we had a very special 3rd rendition of this cheese.

Unfortunately, the SLC cheese market will not permanently bear 3 different ages of this same cheese, so after this wheel is gone, it won't likely be back anytime soon. I suggest pairing it with sour cherry jam and/or Speyside Scotch.

And just to see if anyone is listening, if you come and buy any amount of the Caputo Cave Reserve Ossau Iraty this week, I will give readers of this blog only an equal amount of this 3 month version for free.

Caputo's is located at 314 W. 300 South, SLC and 1516 S. 1500 East, SLC. Both stores will have the deal. Click here for more info.