Photo courtesy of Samuel Askins

Have you ever walked around SLC looking for good eats, a comedy show, a place to spend the night or just a way home? Pretty soon you'll spot people in bright yellow vests eager to help with such predicaments.

The Downtown Alliance is recruiting 50 volunteers for its Downtown Ambassador Program. Camille Winnie, the Director of Community and Business Relations, reports that the purpose of the Downtown Ambassador Program is to “present a friendly face on the street to assist visitors and residents.” She says this program is not unique to Salt Lake City, but has been implemented in various other cities to promote city hospitality. “Our ambassadors will act as an official presence to provide safety, security and business and homeless outreach.” Once trained, these ambassadors will walk the streets Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., giving directions, providing useful information, offering recommendations on what to see or do and assisting with emergencies. 

There are some perks that come with being a volunteer. In exchange for working a minimum of two shifts per month, volunteers get event tickets, discounts to local businesses, a membership to the Utah Concierge Association, various gift cards and more. 

Winnie is hopeful this program will be a permanent and evolving part of downtown Salt Lake City. “We're looking for at least a one-year commitment from our volunteers due to the in-depth training we will be providing,” she says. Traveling through downtown Salt Lake will hopefully be less stressful and more worthwhile with the help of these future ambassadors. 

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