Photo courtesy of Owlet Baby Monitors

Babies can be stressful. Along with saying goodbye to sleep, many new parents worry every little sneeze could be a deadly virus. Owlet Baby Monitors are being developed by BYU students to help give parents peace of mind by providing instant information on baby's health.   

Have you ever gone to the hospital and had your finger pinched in that red light? Owlet Baby Monitors use the same LED light technology in a baby sock to provide information on the baby's heart rate, oxygen levels, skin temperature, sleep quality and sleep movements. That information is then sent via Bluetooth 4.0 to a parent's smartphone. This information can alert parents of potential dangers while the baby is not in sight. The "socks" are hypoallergenic, wireless, water resistant and don't use adhesives. They are safe and come in different sizes to ensure they don't come off. 

Unlike old school monitors, Owlet Baby Monitors don't have distance restraints as long as they are attached to the baby's foot and connected to WiFi. They also don't have that annoying fuzzy interference that come with the walkie-talkie types. Parents can go out during nap-time minus the stress of wondering what their child is up to in bed.  

These monitors aren't available until this Fall, but pre-order yours for an early-bird $40 discount!

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