The Got Pops Beauty Box in "Feeling Plummy" isn't just a treat for your face - it's an entire body box. Not only do you get $57 worth of makeup products for only $19 (the cost of the gel eyeliner alone, which is amazing by the way) but the box also includes trial-sized body lotion and salon-quality haircare products.

If you're a little leery of plum shades, don't be. We got the how-to from the experts at Got Beauty, and it's suitable for any skintone.

Video by Amanda Pratt

The Pops Beauty Box includes: Ultrapearl color "era," pressed color "plummy," pressed color "berry wine," gel liner and additonal beauty product samples.

Get your hands on one at Got Beauty, 900 E. 2100 South, or online, here. Stop in for a free consultation with the salon's expert makeup artist or get your own customized look by scheduling an appointment. The fee for event and photo makeup is even redeemable in product!