Photo courtesy of Anne Stephenson

When it comes to eating, Katie Weinner knows how to make her food not only delicious, but visually entertaining. A modernist chef who teaches culinery classes at the Art Institute of Salt Lake City, she's now using her creative talents to add a new “pop-up” restaurant to Salt Lake City.

Pop-up restaurants are becoming more and more popular as chefs want to show off their culinery skills without having to settle in one place for very long. Weinner is bringing her pop-up, SLC Pop, to the Nata Gallery in SLC. As owner and head chef, Weinner says SLC Pop hosts “an ecclectic interactive 10 course meal on sporadic Saturdays” for anyone who wishes to attend.

The menu is anything but typical. Ingredients consist of smoke, edible paints or even glow-in-the-dark bubble gum for a different, yet enjoyable, dining adventure. 

How long will SLC Pop be in Salt Lake City? “I ask myself that same thing all the time,” she says. “We’ll see how it takes off. So far, we’ve received a lot of positive feedback, and I think we’ll be here for the next year. 

So take advantage of a modern dining experience here in Utah before SLC Pop moves on! For more info, visit or visit SLC Pop on facebook.