Whether you're a first, second or seventh year college student, creating a functional and comfortable dorm room is imperative for getting all that sleeping, socializing and (hopefully) studying done.

Organization can be a student's best friend, and a giant wall calendar serves that very function while still acting as pretty fabulous wall art. Since you'll most likely be hoarding the dirty laundry to bring home to mom, a sturdy laundry bag comes in handy, especially one that includes detailed instructions to "clean the lint filter after every use." You know, just in case you should feel so inclined to hit up the laudromat instead.

A designated space for study and one for relaxation is a must, and some cozy and colorful bedding will provide for endless hours of day or nighttime snoozing.

Clockwise, from left:

Izola Cotton Laundry Bags, West Elm

Chalk Calendar Wall Decal (39"x25"), Pottery Barn Dorm

Oval Leather Chair, Heath Ceramics

Share & Study Two-Headed Desk Lamp, Pottery Barn Dorm

Crazy Talk Bed Linens, CB2

This post originally appeared on utahstyleanddesign.com.