Salt Lake magazine visited Craft Lake City to meet these fashionistas using vintage and thrift store pieces to create an array of personal style. While the event, held at the Gallivan Center on Aug. 9 and 10, was all about local crafts, we couldn't help but notice the style. 

Nicole Morris, Alicia Mummey

“Honestly, my favorite places to shop are thrift stores. I can creatively customize what I find for my own personal style.”—Nicole Morris, marketer and designer

“I love mixing and matching new and old. This top is from Fice, but the shorts are from the thrift store. And this hat is my mom’s from when she was my age—so many accessories are just timeless.”—Alicia Mummey, event planner

Lyndy Butler with sons Matix and Rocko Butler

“We love thrift stores and garage sales, the cheaper the better. Rocko likes wearing tank tops; he always chooses them for himself.”—Lyndy Butler, singer and songwriter

Alyana Kay

“My favorite places to shop are consignment shops, thrift stores and vintage stores; it’s fun to find my own style in each piece. I consider my style to be retro.”—Alyana Kay, preschool teacher