It doesn't matter whether your hair is long or short, there's about a hundred ways you can spin a braid. From cornrows to fishtails to the most basic of braids, there's one for any length or texture. Long hair is ideal for braids like the currently popular "crown" that wraps around the head, but even those with short hair can rock this trend, too.


A half crown is perfect for when you're growing out your bangs and need to keep them out of your eyes. For this look, begin at one side of your head and french braid across, ending behind the ear on the other side. Secure it with a bobby pin. For a three-dimensional braid like this one, braid the pieces under each other, rather than over.


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The options for braiding long hair are endless. On our recent visit to ProDo Blowdry Bar, we scored a how-to tutuorial for the popular fishtail braid and were surprised to learn that it's actually not as complicated as it may seem.


Giving your hair a "natural wave" without heated styling tools: At night, loosely braid wet hair and sleep on it. In the morning your hair will have a loose, beachy wave.

Preventing knots and snarls in long hair while you sleep: Loosely braid your hair to the side before bed to prevent it from snarling as you move during the night. This is especially helpful if you have dry or fine hair that tends to mat easily.