Stand Up Paddle boarding as an industry has really gained momentum in the last few years. An entire pavilion at OR was dedicated to Paddle Boards including this demonstration pool pictured above.

No longer just an activity for surfers to do on the off days it's now rumored to be the fastest growing water sport in the country and there are now fitness boards pictured above with plenty of attachments and accessories and even yoga specific boards.

Even the paddles themselves are as unique as the riders that use them.

Jordan Premo from Rogue Standup Paddleboards was nice enough to chat with us for a few minutes and give us the beta on choosing a board. If you are a beginner you will want a rounded wider foam board for stability like the ones pictured above. Despite their tall size (10'ft and 11ft' in height) they are light, only 25 pounds. Rogue has a pattended grip handle in the center that makes it very easy to grab the board and go.

For the more advanced rider you will want a narrower faster board like these.

Whats new to the scene that is making waves: inflatable boards like the green board pictured here, or the grey rounded board to the right of it. Jordan told us it took 5 minutes to inflate.

For 2014 Rogue is bringing in a line of yoga specific boards that have a grip across the entire top of the board, a new surf series that is now airplane friendly, and the inflattable Race and Class 5 boards you see pictured above.

Want lessons? Park City Stand Up Paddle Boarding offers guided tours around Jordanelle and other nearby lakes and reservoirs, and a team of veteran paddlers can teach you how to perfect your stroke.