Ace Camp has been international for 12 years, focusing on the outdoors in the European and Asian markets, but about a year ago, they started focusing on the US, and more specifically, Utah. The company’s United States headquarters are in Salt Lake City. And it looks like they’re catering to the local culture going into 2014.

Eric Herzog, who works in sales and marketing for the company, told us Ace Camp’s emergency kits will be pushed locally to Utah’s disaster-conscious. Along with the standard kits, which include everything from an emergency poncho to water bottle, they’re making kits for kids with smaller versions of everything, a deck of cards and an emergency contact list. The company’s standard 72-hour kits are good for four people, but what about the big Utah family? “They can get the expansion,” Herzog says. Each expansion pack is good for an additional person for 72 hours. You can see all of the company’s upcoming emergency and 72-hour kits here.

Our favorite item from Ace Camp is the Flamesticks. Made from post-consumer plastic, they’re non-toxic and put off little smoke. They won’t attract bears, like some other stenchy flame sticks and burn for five minutes. The coolest part is they can get wet.

At Outdoor Retailer, we were also able to check out another essential from Ace Camp, the LED Tent Lamp (Herzog's favorite). The cool thing about this lamp is it’s made to hang from the tent roof, so it lights the floor and not just the walls. It also has a flashing feature if there’s an emergency.

And if none of this survival stuff appeals to you, you can always go for a key chain. The company is distributing Munkees keychains in about 150 designs—many with bottle openers.

Check out the huge selection at