Summer will be over before you know it, which means you’ll need this this awesome portable heater featured at the Outdoor Retailer Sumer Market. We tested the Big Buddy from Mr. Heater, and it works really well.

It was worth a mad dash across South Temple in 96 degree weather to find this heater at OR’s pavilion area. I had used one last winter and remember thinking how awesome it was.

The Big Buddy is a propane-fueled heater that works outdoors and indoors. It feeds off the same standard 1 lb. propane bottles your old man used for his camp stove. If you're a more advanced gear head, you can pick up the adapter hose that allows you to run the Big Buddy from a 20 lb. propane tank, like the one connected to your barbecue.

The Big Buddy is a very versatile product. Tailgate parties and lift-gate lunches at the ski hill will never be the same. Indoors, use the Big Buddy while working in your garage this winter, take it up to your cabin or just keep it on hand for emergencies. 

You can pick up the Big Buddy from Sports Authority. Visit for more information.