Okay, this is kind of silly. I'm at Outdoor Retailer Summer Market, and I'm looking for the coolest outdoor tech gadgets on the planet. I see tons of sleeping bags, tents, kayaks, socks and ice axes and ...well, you get the picture. I'm a bit overwhelmed and underwhelmed at the same time.
I'm walking down aisle 39000-ish and something catches my eye. It's a water fountain with a notepad in the basin getting drenched. But it's not—not getting drenched that is. It is a note pad, and I find it's perfectly functional. In fact, I can take a pencil and write on it while it's underwater.
I work with a bunch of word geeks and I KNOW this is going to be of interest to at least one of them. I'm thinking of wordsmith extraordinaire and Salt Lake magazine Managing Editor Glen Warchol who, I trust, is slaving away at the office while I stroll around drinking free beer. Glen has a notepad attached to his hip. It must be hard writing down all those brilliant story ideas when he's in the shower—paper tearing, ink bleeding and all that. Maybe he has a voice-activated water proof digital recorder. I don't know. But I'm going to give him this Rite in the Rain Outdoor Journal to try out. We'll let you know what Glen thinks in the OR show wrap-up next week.
The pocket-sized model, shown here, retails for $3.95. Rite in the Rain offers a variety of sizes for those who write more like Glen, or less like me. The company also offers sweet cases to store your note pad in. But you can't possibly be planning to keep this note pad dry, right? 
Visit riteintherain.com for more info. Check back tomorrow for another Outdoor Retailer hot item, and visit us next week for a wrap up post, where we'll present all the great items we found at the Summer Outdoor Retailer show.