For some crazy reason I have not eaten much cheese this week. Well, let me qualify that, I have not eaten much cheese on its own this week. However, last night was my night to cook for my lovely wife. Of course I made pasta. Again.

After cheese, pasta has to be my favorite food. In the time it takes to boil the water and cook the pasta, even I can make a delicious red sauce that beats even the best bottled sauces. Brown a little garlic and crushed red pepper flakes. Then simmer the tomatoes until the pasta is very al dente. Toss the pasta in with the sauce and cook for another minute or two.

For such a simple and classic Italian dish with so few ingredients, of course each must be chosen with care. For the tomatoes, I must have Sicilian IGP Pachino tomatoes and a nice bronze-cut pasta from the folks at Maestri Pastai. 

No less important is the selection of the correct cheese. No inert, pre-grated grocery store pecorino will do. It must be Genuine Fulvi Pecorino Romano. Must. This cheese is so "sheepy" you can almost hear it baa when you catch the first whiff. Not too sharp but plenty of musk and enough salt that you won't have to add any to your sauce. No other type of pecorino is better for this dish. It is not expensive either. A couple bucks worth will do the trick.

The most important part, however, is when I take a fine grater and "make it rain" Pecorino Romano over each serving just before the wife digs in. Of course, "making it snow" may be more accurate, but it does not quite convey the gangsta nature in which I carelessly shower copious amounts of cheese in a rather gratuitous manner over the piping hot pasta.