Perhaps you partake in the goodness of coconut to get the feel of relaxing in a beach chair, your feet in the sand, your face towards the sun and your mind anywhere but here. Or perhaps you drink it, eat it or slather it (yes, I said slather it) because you actually realize the goodness it's giving your body.

This ferocious little drupe packs a punch, and it can be used in ways you may not have even considered. 


Vita Coco Pure Coconut Water, Available at Whole Foods

Many claim coconut water is a great substitute for traditional, sugary sports drinks. It hydrates more naturally, yes, but did you know that it also packs the potassium of four bananas? It's also naturally fat- and cholesterol free and low in calories. Try it out for your next post-workout recovery and see if you notice a difference.


Available at Trader Joe's

It's creamier than coconut water, and it's obviously a fantastic dairy-free alternative for consuming, but let's talk about its more non-traditional uses: makeup remover, wrinkle preventer and sunburn treater. Coconut is an excellent moisturizer, and the copper and vitamin C it contains also helps with skin's elasticity. If you want a chemical-free, alcohol-free alternative to makeup remover, try mixing one part coconut milk with 2 parts coconut oil and moisturize your skin as you gently remove makeup.


Available at Trader Joe's

Though it's great for cooking, my favorite use for this one might surprise you, and you're just going to have to trust me on it: Facial moisturizer and "night cream." I apply a thin layer over my face and neck after my nightly cleansing routine and I don't wash it off until morning. Not only does it smell amazing and make me dream of beaches, but my skin is softer and visibly more healthy. I know what you're thinking: It's an oil, doesn't it cause breakouts? In my case it actually helped to heal my breakouts more quickly. You can also use it as a moisturizer for dry hands and feet.