Bangerter & Sons' farm

For over 25 years, Bountiful's Mandarin Chinese Restaurant has sourced most of their fresh produce from Bangerter & Sons farm—located a mere four blocks from the restaurant. Gregory Skedros, owner of Mandarin says his dedication to local farms has more to do with quality and convenance and it's his relationship with the Bangerter family that has kept him coming back.

"Twenty-five years ago there was no such thing as 'local first,'" says Skedros, adding that's just the way business was done. The growing trend for restaurants to head back to their roots and buy from local farms is on the rise in Utah. Salt Lake magazine editor Mary Brown Malouf spent the day with local chefs on the farm for her story Chef's Harvest, which ran in our October 2012 issue.

Angel Manfredini, daughter of Gregory Skedros, who runs most of the day-to-day operations at Manderian says due to the popularity of their local food dishes, they started creating meals based entirely on the local, fresh produce. "We do a farm to chopstick menu," she says. "We feature a dozen different items that are all made with the local produce."

In addition to their farm to chopstick menu, Mandarin offers a variety of different signature dishes which compliment their local harvest. "One of our most amazing dishes is called, 'Black Bean Salmon,'" Manfredini says. "It uses the fermented Chinese black beans, green beans, zucchini, corn and the squash." All of those ingredients are grown by Bangerter & Sons.