If these triple digit temps are getting you down, don't sweat it. Instead, consider switching up your wardrobe a bit. As the days grow hotter than hot, it seems that shorts get shorter than short, shirts get almost non-existant and pants are stuffed into storage until fall. But ultra warm weather doesn't mean your tasteful style needs to head south for the season. Save the beachwear for the beach, and remember that keeping yourself at least somewhat covered doesn't just leave more for the imagination, it keeps the sun off you, too.

If you haven't yet experienced the flowing side of fashion, might I suggest you start now? Once you transition from clingy, cotton t-shirts you might never want to go back.

Ditch less breathable fabrics and opt instead for lighter, softer and more flowing materials like linen, chiffon and silk. Sure linen may wrinkle, but it's a much better option than denim right now. Besides, flowing pants and tops are not only breathable, but oh so comfortable and look classy, too.

From left:

Palazzo Pant, Koo De Ker. $58

Chiffon Blouse, H&M, $30

French Connection peach silk tank, Apt. 202, $118

Seamed High-Low Tee, Anthropologie, $68

Flowing Sarong Trousers, Zara, $36