It's a million degrees outside. Approximately. 

That's what it felt like Saturday afternoon as we drove up the Canyon to Solitude to attend the first Wasatch Mountain Table of the season. 

Beautifully, as we wound through the firs and aspens, we watched the car thermometer drop. We'd lost 20 degrees by the time we parked, and by the time we had our first cocktail in hand—High West Boureye, grapefruit juice and Calvados, the whole world felt cooler in every sense of the word. 

After cocktails we were seated at the long table beside the creek. It was even babbling. 

Chef Michael Richey has been cooking awhile in this area—he was one of the founding chefs at Pago.

Saturday night's meal was probably the best Richey meal I've eaten. Passed hors d'oeuvres—like his signature potato pillows (think tater tot) topped with caviar and stuffed squash blossoms—were excellent but familiar. What knocked me out was Richey's light and easy style of juxtaposing seasonal foods so that each peach and pea retained its distinctive freshness but complemented its companions on the plate. Each dish—the peach and greens salad with crumbles of aged Promontory,

the tangle of pasta with fresh peas and tomatoes and bits of pork belly with a poached egg nested on top,

the bright red fish in a pea emulsion with fresh shoots—

had a spontaneous quality, as if Richey was cooking extemporaneously, making it up as he encountered each seasonal ingredient in his kitchen. 

Wines with each course were from Snake River Winery—like Solitude, a DeSeelhorst enterprise—and Ruth Lewandowski. 

By the end of the evening, as the sun set and a mule deer wandered down the path, guests were pulling on jackets. 

Really. See for yourself. 


Here are the dates for future dinners:

July 28th

August 18th

September 15th


Reception starts at 5pm.


$95 per person

$125 per person with wine pairings.


For reservations, call 801-536-5722 or email