Last week I wrote about how many small producers make bad to mediocre product and highlighted a fairly large production cheese where the result is fantastic. Well, this week's cheese is an example of how on rare occasion, small production does result in true greatness.

Cabra Blanca is made in Basalt, Colorado by Avalanche Cheese Company. In late April, I had the honor of lending a hand in this tiny creamery. I also had the pleasure of staying on their idyllic little farm where they produce all their own milk.

This was a really eye-opening experience for me that demonstrated the value of small scale milk production and how certain flavors in such milk can only be preserved with this small scale hand-making process. The key is having really talented cheese makers. Avalanche does, in spades.

Cabra Blanca tastes just like the smell in the milking parlor. Imagine a goats milk cheese with a texture somewhere between Feta and Havarti and aromas of sour cream, vanilla yogurt, barnyard, grass and citrus. Sounds complex, but it is really a simple and visceral experience to eat Cabra Blanca. No cheese expertise is required to like it. It is just relentlessly enjoyable.

Pair with Spy Valley Sauvignon Blanc (available at the Metro Wine Store, about $15) for a guaranteed hit. It is also great with Alsatian whites or even late harvest dessert wines. Don't drink? A similar effect can be had with simple table grapes or even better if you can find the uber sweet and floral Moscato grapes.

I am sure it is good with all manner of other beverages, but we have only had it in our case for two days. More "research" needs to be done. Any volunteers?

Note: Thanks to Andy Fitzgerrell for hooking up the trip to Avalanche.