Guests at a mixer hosted by AmberMay.

Don't go home with the one that brought you there, at least not from this AmberMay singles mixer.

The professional dating service invites you and someone you like (but don't like-like), to their free Bring a Date You Don't Want To Date party on Thursday, June 27 at Kristauf's Martini Bar at 16 West Market Street, SLC from 9 to 11 p.m. Participants are encouraged to come with date-worthy friends to introduce to other singles.

AmberMay hosts singles events like this twice a month (one casual and one formal), for all of Salt Lake's singles. Matchmakers and founders Baya Voce and Amber Holcombe are always on hand to facilitate introductions between guests, as well as gather questionaire information to enter into their dating database free of charge. 

An exciting interactive feature of parties is the Flirt Mail Board—tacked with envelopes marked with numbers corresponding to each party guest (assigned at the door), the Flirt Mail Board allows minglers to leave messages for each other they're not ready to deliver in person.

"If you're not in your 20s, not out going to clubs, it's not that easy," Voce says in response to those who think dating services are just for a certain "type" of person, noting priorities and time restraints as obstacles when searching for someone special.

AmberMay reports great success with matchmaking. Several couples they have introduced hit it off from their first meeting and are still dating.

Along with pairing singles, they offer a Date Doctor service, teaching people how to date successfully and date planning to keep established couples excited in their relationship.

"We cater to literally everybody," she says. Some clients are new to the area and just want to meet new people, some just to date without getting serious, and some are looking for marriage—the AmberMay database will pair people with similar dating styles.

Register here to attend this Thursday's mixer. For more information about AmberMay's services, visit their website,