Winder Farms array of products enjoyed at Salt Lake magazine.

In its second year helping to raise money for breast cancer research, Winder Farms shows its commitment to Susan G. Komen for the Cure by adding the iconic pink ribbon to the dairy's strawberry milk label, as well as pledging a portion of the product proceeds to the charity's local affiliate from now until the end of October.

“When Winder Farms began the Strawberry Milk Fundraiser last year, the mission was simple—to provide our customers with an easy and convenient way to support those affected by breast cancer,” says Ashley Vanderhoof, Marketing Director at Winder Farms. “There’s more work to be done, so we are bringing back this tasty initiative to help even more people in the community.”

The popular strawberry flavor, made with reduced fat milk, is available for home delivery to Winder Farms customers and in local grocery stores including Harmon's. And as with all of its signature products, the 130-year-old Utah institution uses only all-natural milk in its products, keeping it free from artificial growth hormones and antibiotics. 

To honor National Dairy and Fresh Fruit Month (June), Winder recommends using their flavored milks as a base for fruit smoothies and shakes. "Taking advantage of Winder Farms' award-winning flavored milk as a base for creating a fruit shake or smoothie allows people to tap into their creative juices," Vanderhoof says.

Speaking of creative juices, Winder Farms goes beyond typical milk flavors, also offering vanilla and root beer year round, and orange vanilla, peaches `n cream, caramel chocolate and mint chocolate throughout the year. 

Winder Farms would like to share the "world's best milk" with anyone who would like to try it. Call 1-800-WINDER1 (1-800-946-3371) or email to get a free half-gallon glass bottle of either chocolate or white milk.