First cultivated in China, blooming orchids are the obsession of countless admirers. To grow your own passion for these exotic plants, Clint Lewis of Orchid Dynasty suggests starting with two orchids: 

"PHALAENOPSIS is the work horse of orchids. It's easy to care for and has long-lasting flowers."

"CATTLEYAS reward with fragrant, 'old-time corsage' blooms. They help teach basic orchid care to beginners."


"An orchid is like a detox for one's home and soul," says Shelly Huynh, owner of Orchid Dynasty with Lewis.

Her advice for choosing and using blooming orchids includes:

PURCHASE ORCHIDS only where premium plants are sold and frequently restocked. Top-quality potted orchids last as long as six to eight weeks

CHOOSE AN ORCHID with two or three open blooms and the remainder of buds closed. Bright, diffused light promotes bud opening and extends a plant's blooming period. However, if the orchid will be placed in a darker setting select one with lots of open blooms.

AVOID PLANTS with unhealthy leaves that are yellowing, droopy or soft.

SIMPLY FLUSH a plant with water. Do not let it sit in water and avoid getting water in the plant's crown. 

CONSIDER FRESH CUT blooming stems for unique arrangements lasting for as long as two weeks

BRING YOUR OWN CONTAINER into Orchid Dynasty and the designers will plant it with your choice of blooming orchids

TRENDING NOW: orchids arranged with succulents inside a terrarium. "It's a modern take on a nostalgic look," says Huynh. 


In Salt Lake City, like-minded orchid lovers unite to promote and celebrate these unique plants. The Utah Orchid Society boasts a range of members, from specialists to windowsill beginnners. Interested in joining? Check out

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