Clark Aposhian, Utah's most visible and influential gun rights activist, has fallen on hard times since SLMag featured him and his AR-15 assault rifle in our story “Gun Lovin' Utah.”

In an unfortunate coincidence, the article with Aposhian brandishing a beloved AR-15 came out the same day as the massacre at Sandy Hook. But, far from tainting Aposhian's image with Utahns, he went on to not only help successfully block any gun-control bills at the Legislature—but came close with his allies to passing some new gun rights laws, including giving Utah cops the power to arrest federal lawmen if they tried to enforce stricter U.S. firearms laws.

Then things went south, as they say, for Aposhian. In March, his AR-15, complete with thermal imaging scope, was stolen from his Dodge Magnum (what else?). Then last month, Aposhian was arrested for threatening behavior at his ex-wife's home. 

Police say Aposhian backed his military surplus two-and-a-half-ton truck into his ex-wife's driveway, nearly ramming a parked vehicle.

Because the allegations are related to domestic violence, a judge ordered Aposhian to get rid of his guns—hundreds of guns. He likely passed them out to friends (he's got a lot of them) for safe keeping until the legal issues are resolved. And of course, one assault rife has already been redistributed to bad guys.