Certified Cheese Expert Matt Caputo says: 

La Peral is a blue cheese made by only one producer in Asturias, Spain. It is a cow's milk blue with a little sheep's milk cream blended in before molding and 60 days of aging.

The combination of cow, sheep and blue give it a very notable umami taste accompanied by a very high in the nose aroma that reminds me of char-grilled beef fat.

La Peral is often my favorite blue cheese this time of year because it is a perfect choice for hamburgers. I always feel a stronger blue can compete with, if not cover up entirely, the nuances of really great ground beef. La Peral adds savory without dominating.

It is light enough to be served as a table cheese before a meal, but is really great served with fruit afterwards too. Either way serve it with Paolo Sarocco Moscato or Alvear Pedro Ximenez Sherry and you will be in tertiary flavor heaven.

Note: Tertiary flavors is wine/food geek terminology for flavors created by a pairing that don't exist in either product alone. This occurrence is more rare than most wine sales types would have you believe, but these pairings will leave no doubt. I recommend experiencing them for the first time sitting down. Safety first!