Members of the Simmons family. Photo provided by John M. Simmons

Award-winning author John M. Simmons, adoption advocate and father of three biological and six adopted children, will be releasing  his memoir, To Sing Frogs, on Saturday, June 15th. All profits go directly to the Ele Lembra Foundation.

To Sing Frogs details the Simmons family’s quest to adopt six children from rural Russia. In the memoir, Simmons gives readers a glimpse at the world of international adoption. Among the stories Simmons writes about is his daughter Sarah's journey from a Russian orphanage to living in America and the guilt she felt for being one of the few who were adopted.

Simmons recounts his own transformation from a position of science and engineering. As President and CEO of White Knight Fluid Handling Inc., he comes from a world where all things are explainable. He comes to realize some things are never understood.

Join Simmons at the Weller Book Works for a book signing and release. Afterward, visitors will gather at the Trolley Square Amphitheatre for children activities and a live butterfly release. The event begins at 5 p.m. at 607 Trolley Square. For more information, visit Weller Book Works or John Simmons' website. To preorder To Sing Frogs, visit Amazon.