A proper education is widely believed to be the foundation of a successful life. But with public school budgets tightening, many schools are slowly losing a vital element of that education, with cuts to music and arts programs.

Utah-based filmmaker, Pietro D'Alessio, creator of the popular web series Proper Manors, is teaming with the MuzArt World Foundation to spotlight the need for music and arts in public schools. Using MuzArt World's mission of making music and art programs more accessible in schools, D'Alessio and company developed the script for a spin off series, Proper Education.

"Proper Education was intended to be a spin off focused around the youth of Proper Manors," D'Alessio says. "We pitched a concept of making the Proper High School a school that had its funding cut."

The family-friendly show will initially include seven to 10 minute long episodes, each featuring narrative and a musical piece.

"All of these kids in their own schools are in music and dance and drama," D'Alessio says. "So, we said let's take these real actors that are in the show and take their characters over to another area of Proper and tell this story."

The show will also touch on the true story of what has happened to the arts in public schools and shed some light on a culprit(s) for the loss of funding. "Is it politicians? Is it lobbyists? Is it parents? Is it corporations?" D'Alessio asks. "Who is behind this movement to annihilate music and arts education in public schools, and why?" 

D'Alessio has launched a fundraising campaign through GoFundMe.com. Donations made will go to fund the needs of the Proper Education series, from equipment costs to gas money.

"This is a grassroots movement." D'Alessio says "Whether you donate one dollar or five dollars, it makes a difference."

D'Alessio says his ultimate goal is to use the project to spread the MuzArt World Foundation's message to support music and the arts. "A project like this doesn't really make money. All we can hope is that we create a quality project."