Skating Versus Ice Cream

"In 1927, GE came out with refrigerators, and that was a problem for ice guys," says Michael Farr, who is now president of Asael Farr and Sons Co., the parent company of Farr Better Ice Cream in Salt Lake City. "Ice plants across the country were faced with a decision-to either convert to ice skating rinks or to ice cream manufacturing. So in 1929, my grandfather Dexter installed the first commercial ice cream plant in Ogden."

The Farr product was sold in an ice cream shop attached to the plant. That shop is still in operation today at its original site on 21st Street. Vanilla, chocolate and strawberry were the three flavors offered early on, and a hefty single scoop cone cost a nickel. Over the years, that has evolved into the creation of more than 600 flavors of ice cream and frozen desserts.

Dexter managed the company before handing operations over to his son, Dexter Duane, in the late 1960s. Dexter himself came into the plant daily until he died in 1980 at age 82. Michael Farr says his grandfather "had been at his desk working earlier that day. He loved the business."

Dexter Duane ran the company for the next 35 years, getting his sons Michael, Darin and Nate involved when they were teenagers. They lead the company today, with Darin serving as VP of sales and vendor relations and Nate as VP of finance. Their father, now 80, remains involved and still comes into the plant each day.

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