So, you want to be a rockstar? Maybe if you study music and get a degree, your work will pay off and someone will notice you. Well, not so much. Although Utah has no shortage of talent, the marketing end of the music business is tough to pull off. 

Adam Reader, Amy Whitcomb, Patrick Coffin

Refinement Records wants to help—they’ve developed a formula for moving artists from playing gigs to paying gigs, without having to sacrifice creativity (or money) to the major label gods. Adam Reader, Patrick Coffin and Sam Schultz, Utah musicians and marketers, have combined their talents in a new venture, developing artists, providing business education and networking with business experts such as director Tom Trbovich (MTV, The Tonight Show) and producer Andrew Lane (Snoop Dog, Selena Gomez). 

“I’m in a band as well, and you’ve probably never heard of them. We make money and we do well,” Reader said during a press announcement at the May 22 open house and grand opening for Refinement. He fronts local swing band Adam Reader & the Terks, of which Coffin is lead guitarist. Reader says his band makes as much money as other, more famous bands. “When we had all that success and I was able to do that online I thought, ‘I want to be able to show other artists how to do it,’ because a lot of artists just don’t understand the business part of it.”

Reader also announced a summer mini-tour featuring Utah's The Voice contestants Amy Whitcomb, Ryan Innes and folk duo Midas Whale. Local favorite Fictionist is set to open on the tour which has stops in Arizona, Utah and Idaho.

Amy Whitcomb performs at Refinement Records
Amy Whitcomb

Ryan Innes performs at Refinement Records
Ryan Innes
 Jon Peter Lewis and Ryan Hayes are Midas Whale
Midas Whale

Located in Draper, the artist development studio features in-house production company J-Wat Productions for taping live performances, recording music videos and filming youtube interviews. In the vocal studio, master voice and performance coach Michelle O’Connell, who developed young talent Julianne Hough, will help artists reach their pitch potential. The studio also includes a soundproof room for writing sessions or practicing, a recording studio for booth and live performances and a staged venue that can hold 100 people for CD release parties, fundraisers and concerts. 

The office next door houses local coin authority and Refinement chairman/founder Gaylen Rust’s Legacy Music Alliance, a non-profit organization which instills in artists the importance of music history. “We want to promote music education as much as possible,” Reader says of working with Rust.

Reader adds most artists he consults with aren’t looking for fame, per se. They just want to be full time musicians. “They want to make a living doing music,” he says. “So, that’s what we’re about. It’s about showing them how to be a six figure musician.”

Refinement Records is open for business. Call 801-913-8664 for a free consultation. For more information visit their website or Facebook page.