Don't you love the ironies of living in SLC? 

A. We're the global headquarters of the family focused Mormon Church, which has made its opposition to same-sex marriages and adoption by gay parents well-known.

B. A new study finds SLC is No. 1 for same-sex couples raising children.

In short, the LDS church might not see gay marriage as part of family values, but Utah gays, like their Mormon neighbors, are sold on family. As Weston Clark, who has an adopted 3-year-old, explained in The Salt Lake Tribune:

"In Utah, especially those of us who are from Utah originally, it’s ingrained in our culture that family is important. It doesn’t matter if you’re gay or straight, you still want that."

And we thought the Advocate was just jerking the LDS Church's chain last year when they named Salt Lake City America's gayest city.

If you've got to have the T-shirt: