I discovered a new word for my gardener’s vocabulary. This French word is potagere and means a small kitchen garden with herbs or vegetables. I became familiar with creating a kitchen garden years ago and recently read Designing the New Kitchen Garden by Jennifer Bartley. I just finished refreshing the herb boxes that I made last year and enjoyed all winter. I love my “internal” landscape and the amazing smell of fresh mint and basil that fills my kitchen.

From this book, I learned helpful tips. One was not to use outdoor soil for indoor planting because it may contain insect eggs. I also read that wooden planter boxes made of untreated redwood will keep my herbs organic by nature of the wood and that the redwood will last for many years.

Hope these tips are helpful in creating your kitchen garden.

Maxine Turner is the president of Cuisine Unlimited and contributes monthly blogs about food, catering, trends and more to saltlakemagazine.com.