The Paint Mixer is Park City’s first and only painting instruction studio and wine bar.

I have something of a love-hate relationship with shoulder season. The tourists are gone and Park City returns to the more personal, communal pace I fondly remember from when I first moved to Utah over a decade ago. On the other hand, the ski lifts have long since stopped running and the trails are muddy.

Now, thankfully, there’s an alternative to hitting the Red Box to stave off the shoulder-season blues: The Paint Mixer, an instructional painting studio that (BONUS!) serves wine and beer. Nicky Lecher moved to Park City seven years ago and opened the Paint Mixer last fall. “I’d visited other instructional studios that had this great, relaxed atmosphere and thought that since Park City is full of fun people it would be a fantastic place to open a studio combining painting instruction and wine education,” Lecher says.

A professional art instructor breaks down how to create a replicate piece of art during a Paint Mixer workshop.

Each Paint Mixer class features a pre-selected painting and wine or beer. A professional artist takes class participants through a step-by-step process to complete their own version of the selected painting while a hostess or bartender presents information about the wine or beer. And you don’t need to consume the libations offered to participate in the art session—participants are very welcome to listen and learn and not drink. “Yes, our focus is on presenting painting in a very approachable way but people have so much fun in the workshops its really more about bringing people together and having a good time,” Lecher says.

The Paint Mixer’s wine and painting workshops are, of course, for adults only. But the studio also hosts kids birthday parties.

Other classes/events offered by The Paint Mixer include the Large Canvas Workshops, a three-session class offering more in-depth instruction on painting 30” x 40” canvases; Open Studio, allowing artists to come in and free paint without instruction; private events like birthday parties; Paint-A-Bottle where participants learn how transfer one of the preselected paintings onto a wine bottle; kids and teens workshops; corporate team building; Paint, Wine & Dine events in Salt Lake City at the Tin Angel, Wild Grape Bistro and FATS Grill; and Painting & Yoga Workshops with Salt Lake Power Yoga. Painting and wine selections, special events, and Paint Mixer's Salt Lake City events are published on the monthly calendar at

The Paint Mixer is located at 738 Main Street, Park City. 

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