Photo provided by Familius Publishing. 

“I don’t know if you are ever prepared for cancer, and when it hits your wife, it can turn your world upside down.”
—Your Wife Has Cancer, Now What?

Syracuse, Utah author Carson Boss' whole life changed when his wife was diagnosed with cancer. Through the turmoil of dealing with the disease, he learned a lot and documented it in his new book, Your Wife Has Cancer, Now What?, a detailed guide for cancer patient caregivers to get through surgery, chemotherapy and all the doctor visits in between.

We chatted with Boss to find out more about his book and this serious issue:

Why write a book?

“I had husbands say that they wished they had a book to know what to expect. It really grew out of conversation and my experiences. I took notes throughout the entire process and when I looked down I had almost 40 pages already.”

How has the experience changed your family?

“It wakes you up to the problem. I remember when we first bought our black Kia Sedona I hadn’t seen one on the road, but after we bought ours I saw them everywhere. It’s the same with cancer. After I found out my wife was diagnosed, I started hearing about friends and neighbors who had faced it and started seeing articles on it everywhere in magazines and on the Internet.”

Is the book only for husbands?

“No, I’ve had a lot of positive feedback from people who didn’t know what the caregiver was going through. As husbands, we don’t let our guard down, we don’t show how scared out of our minds we really are.”

What is your advice for those facing the same problem?

“Whether you're the caregiver or not, you need to stay calm. There is a lot of information out there. Don’t panic. I know it feels like your world is caving in, but you need to wait to find out all of the information. Don’t start looking up all the horror stories on Internet. Wait until you have all the information and create a game plan.”

Your Wife Has Cancer, Now What? can be purchased on Familius Publishing Company's website. Carson also keeps a blog for those who have been touched by cancer.