Photo provided by Snowbird.

This July Snowbird Mountain Resort launches a much faster way for guests to take in the scenery of beautiful Little Cottonwood Canyon—The Snowbird Mountain Coaster.

Riders can speed down a track that follows the contours of the canyon in 3,120 feet of twists, turns and two horizontal loops. Unlike the Alpine Slide, the coaster’s cars are attached to fixed rails and passengers will be able to control the speed with the use of a hand brake. If you're scared of heights, don't fret—the coaster's car is never more than two–three feet off the ground.

Up to two passengers board the coaster at the base of the Peruvian chairlift, where a motorized chain-lift system pulls the car to the top of the track. From there, gravity takes over as the car winds down the canyon, speeds through the tree-lined straightaway and wraps around to the base station.

Rides are $20 per person/per rid. An All-Day Activities Pass, $60, includes the Mountain Coaster and other Snowbird activities. For more information, contact the ticket office at 801-993-2215 or visit

Other summer activities offered at Snowbird include; Alpine Slide, Mountain Flyer Zipline, Ropes Course, Climbing Wall, Bungee Trampoline, Air Jumper along with Tram Rides and The Peruvian Express Chairlift for hiking, biking and mountain scootering. Snowbird is also continuing their free Cool Air Concert Series, starting June 22 on the plaza deck.