What's the DABC afraid of? 

The answer is as clear as gin.

Paul Rolly, The Salt Lake Tribune columnist who spsecializes in pointing out bureaucratic and political inconsistencies and nonsense, said in his column yessterday that the DABC, which is charged with administering Utah's inconsistent and often nonsensical liquor laws, has identified its "worst nightmare." Public Enemy, No. 1.

It's not demon rum. 

It's not alco–pops. 

"It’s news media coverage."

According to Rolly's source, DABC spokeswomaan Vicki Ashby gave a presentation to DABC managers about the "the evils of media manipulation." Read the column here.
And note that Rolly's wife Dawn Houser covers the DABC for the Trib–and does a damn good job of it, much to the DABC's dismay, apparently.