Certified Cheese Expert Matt Caputo says:

Earlier this week a Caputo's customer tried to pin me down by asking "what is your favorite cheese?" I replied that I could not pick one and that numerous factors such as the weather, time of year, personal mood, health, choice of tasty beverage, etc. can heavily influence what cheese I crave.

The inquiring gentleman thought such a reply was a load of bull and asked more vigorously for a definitive answer. I informed him that I do not view my undying love for any specific cheese as a monogamous relationship. I stated that the best I could do was to tell him what was getting my vote this week.

I recounted a story about how with the weather outside teasing to actually turn into Spring yet unable to shake the freezing cold of my daily walk to work, I had found myself looking for something fresh and inviting but not without a certain comforting and rich funk. One of Caputo's managers named Evan who writes a cheese blog on Caputo's website every week informed me that the wheel of Tome de Bordeaux that he had recently opened would solve all my worldly problems.

Cutting a small sample of this unpasteurized goat's milk for the inquisitive gentleman I recounted the story about how the wheels are made in the bright center of the goat cheese universe, France's Loire Valley. I told him how it is first washed in Muscadet wine, then Sauternes, then packed in Herbes de Provence, white pepper, black pepper and Basque chilies before aging in the caves of master affineur (cheese aging professional) Jean d'Alos.

I told him how it reminded me of a goat's milk Taleggio yet enlivened with the fresh herbs and spicy peppers. I told him that not only was it the perfect cheese for the transition of weather, but that this specific wheel was the best example of this cheese I had ever had and therefore had to be my choice for my current favorite.

I continued saying, "Will it be my favorite next week? No. This wheel will certainly be gone in a week's time and the next wheel will likely not strike me in such a way."

He opted for cheddar, but you don't have to.