As of Wednesday the popular dining platform Nara has added a new social feature that makes it even easier to answer the question "Where should we eat?"

Some of you may remember the post we did in February about the dining app Nara. As of April 24 they have added new social features that enables you to:

·         Combine tastes with friends, family or business colleagues to find restaurants that suit everyone

·         Share a Nara-chosen restaurant with a friend through Facebook, Twitter or email

·         Invite a friend to join Nara so you can fuse your tastes and dine together

·         Filter for specific places within combined taste with friends

How does it do this?
“Nara uses a complex, scientific algorithm to compute a unified taste profile for a group of users,” said Dr. Nathan Wilson, chief technology officer at Nara. “Nara then matches that integrated profile to a diverse range of restaurant  options based on their features, rather than just presenting restaurant recommendations that are similar to others in the’ pool. Nara presents unique recommendations that are a perfect fit for the entire group, not just one person.”

What else is new?
Nara also announced two new filters on their Web platform for OpenTable and GrubHub. The OpenTable filter displays recommended restaurants that offer online reservations, allowing you to book a table in just one click. For those looking for delivery, the GrubHub filter displays Nara recommended restaurants that are supported by the popular delivery service and allows you to order without leaving the site.  In addition to these two filters, Nara also filters by friends, neighborhood, cuisine and price.

When will this all be available on the phone app? The social features will be availble in June 2013. All features are available on the web platform now.

Between our dining guide with dining editor's Mary's recommendations and Nara's web and mobile app you really have no excuse to not answer the question "Where should we eat?"