Salt Lake magazine is an important community resource. I, and my wife, Julie, have long enjoyed reading it. Your magazine is a splendid tribute to all the rich possibilities our county has to offer. I thank you for all you do in keeping it prosperous and vital.
—Ben McAdams, Salt Lake County Mayor

Thank you for putting our story in Salt Lake magazine (“Utah’s Draw”) and helping us spread the word about our little program. The story really couldn’t have turned out better. The March/April issue is awesome.
—Brad Richard, the Utah-Japan Golf Program

It was a pleasure working with you and your staff on the beautiful invitations for the 2013 Dining Awards. What a great event.
—Eric Stewart, Tabula Rasa store manager

Editor’s Note: Our subscribers were given a 2013 issue of Utah Bride & Groom with their April issues. A reader sent us this note after receiving her package.

Truly, this was one of the best issues. So many places to eat, such great photos of Salt Lake City (“SLC Has Risen”), and we CSI fans are intrigued by our local CSI story (“DNA Crime Busters”). Add that to the bonus of the wedding issue!
—Cece Holt, Salt Lake City subscriber


Editor’s note: Executive editor, Mary Brown Malouf interviewed gun advocate Janalee Tobias for “Gun Lovin’ Utah,” a story in our February 2013 issue. Tobias responded with this letter.

What a great article. You covered all the main arguments and issues about guns in Utah. I posted the article (which was also published on saltlakemagazine.com) on as many gun Facebook sites as I could as well as my own page. Thank you for your portrayal. I especially like that you quoted me as saying, “The right to have a gun is more important than the gun itself.” You and Salt Lake magazine represent this area with a lot of class.
—Janalee Tobias, Women Against Gun Control founder


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