Certifed Cheese Expert Matt Caputo says:

This week we are heading to Cadiz, Spain in the region of Andalucia. Characterized by its steep terrain and high rainfall, Andalucia has some pretty lush mountain forage and grassy lower lying pastures.

The indigenous species of Payoya goats were almost wiped off the Earth until a forward thinking association of 13 Andalucian farms got together in 1997 to preserve this heritage breed. Payoya produce less milk than other common Spanish breeds such as Malaga and Murcia-Granada, but they are well suited to express the unique Andalucian terroir in their rich fatty milk.

Montealva Joven is a 60 day aged natural, edible rind cheese with a paste that is at first chalky (in a good way). However, at room temperature it can be spread like thick peanut butter after some initial flaking. Of course spending a month in Caputo's cheese cave recovering from its Atlantic journey is what makes this texture really come out to play.

Flavors are similar to a very mild Chevre with faint hints of the sweet horseradish in English Cheddar and and raw broccoli in real French Brie. Overall, it is a mild and rich cheese but with a lot of depth and nuance.

Serve Montealva with Alvear Pedro Ximenez Sherry and Marcona Almonds.
Note: I stole this idea from Ryan Lowder, chef/owner of Copper Onion. I have it on authority from his lovely wife Colleen that this triumvirate is his go to late night snack. All I can say is, damn! This man knows how to eat! I wish I had thought of it. But we can all enjoy it.
So help preserve this heirloom Payoya breed and try one of Utah's greatest chef's midnight snack. You've got to do all three together though, or Ryan and I will hunt you down and make you do it properly.