Need a little help picking your springtime palette? Look no further than Salt Lake City's Red Butte Garden. The blossoming hillside offers plenty of inspiration.

By the numbers: Spring has arrived and Red Butte is in full bloom.

215,000 daffodils planted throughout the garden

96 varieties featured in the Rose Garden

360,000 bulbs bloom within the grounds

69 species of conifer with 170 different taxa

30 different ornamental grass species with 92 different varieties

36 oak hybrids

33 gardeners on staff spring through fall 

To see the stunning display of natural beauty, pop in on Red Butte Garden's Bulbs & Blooms Festival from April 6 to 27. The bright array of daffodils will be sure to bloom away any gloom. Also coming up in April? Arbor Day. Visit the gardens on this day for free entry to learn all about trees and even take home your own to plant.

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