Used with permission of Utah Arts Festival, photo by Nicole Morgenthau.
Art's not easy. Many artists spend hundreds of hours on one project just to toss it and start over or sometimes, very little recognition for their craft. Luckily, the Salt Lake City mayor's office has an ongoing effort to recognize local artists.
"We’re thrilled to honor this year’s recipients of the Mayor’s Artists Awards. In their own unique ways they have contributed, enriched and supported the artistic endeavors of others that make our community so rich," says Lisa Sewell, executive director of the Utah Arts Festical. 
Since 1992, the mayor's office has recognized individuals and organizations that have made significant contributions to the artistic landscape of the community. These five prestigious awards include visual arts, performing arts, literary arts, service to the arts by an individual and service to the arts by an organization.
This year's recipients have been chosen (see below), and the awards ceremony is scheduled for 8:15 p.m.on June 21 at the Utah Arts Festival.
Bryan Young, recipient of the Literarty Arts Award said, "Writing can be a lonely business, whether it's prose or journalism. To be reminded that the words you write are read by actual people and then to be recognized for the content of those words is both encouraging and humbling."
Show your support this year by attending the awards ceremony at the Utah Arts Festival. The festival is scheduled to run from noon to 11 p.m., June 20–23 at Library Square. Click here for more details.
Visual Arts—Karen Horne
Performing Arts—Mary Ann Lee
Literary Arts—Bryan Young
Service to the Arts by an Individual—Frank McEntire
Service to the Arts by an Organization—RadioWest