Certified Cheese Expert Matt Caputo says:

Cremeux des Citeaux aux Truffes is the most expensive cheese in our store. At $26 for a 200g wheel it is almost $60 per pound and if bought in less than a whole wheel it is $78/lb (yes, we must charge more for the waste). It may surprise most readers, but we have no problem consistently selling this pricey little morsel.

It is a bloomy rind (white brie-like mold), cow's milk, triple cream. Yep, 75% butterfat. However, we sell several cheeses that fit this description so far and we do so for as little as $16/lb. Where this buttery rich mini keg derives its upward spike in price is in its black truffle center and its aging.

In the center of this cheese is 100% real black truffles. Not impressed? Probably because you are used to cheese made using maybe some real truffle and a whole lot of "truffle aroma" aka artificial flavoring used to make truffle oil and all manner of other truffle products. This is common when you see the word "truffle."
While I am sure they must exist, I have never come across another truffle cheese which does not use truffle aroma. Therefore, expect a much more authentic, and therefore expensive, truffle experience here.
This Burgundian-produced white cloud is aged by master affineur (pro cheese ager) Rodolphe Le Meunier. I have discussed him before, but just know he is as big a bad ass as there is in the cheese tribe. Surprised something this delicious is actually legal in Utah? (Shh, don't tell the guys on the hill.)

Don't be a dummy and try to use this in a recipe. Serve with Champagne and bread, but you better be sitting down when you do.

Ed. note: Sure this sounds expensive at $78 a pound, but remember, you don't want to eat a whole pound. A quarter pound is only about $20. You can spend that much on pizza for lunch, and not experience a fraction of the bliss.