Rebecca Buchan, Founder and Principal of Denton House Design Studio in Salt Lake City, shares some tips on how to strike the right chord with stripes.

From the runway to the living room, stripes are the pattern of 2013. Seen all over fashion forecasts for spring, stripes will be just as front and center in home décor. Offering a striking, graphic element that is simple, bold, and effortlessly elegant, stripes are completely versatile. Whether wide or narrow, vertical or horizontal, colorful or muted, on the wall or in accessories, they add a dynamic energy to any room. Don't know if you're ready for stripes? Check out these easy ways to incorporate the pattern into your décor and then decide for yourself—I have a feeling you'll love them!

Horizontal stripes on the wall helps to enlarge a room. The use of a neutral color creates a sense of spaciousness in smaller spaces.

Vertical stripes on the wall draws the eyes up, creating the feeling of high ceilings and elongating a room. Use them in rooms that need some lift.

Striped upholstered furniture can both complement your interior color scheme and add personality to the room. Create even more visual interest by mixing complementary patterns!

Striped accents, like pillows and textiles, bring a hint of variation to a room. The sky's the limit for pattern and color combinations; just work within your established color scheme. 

Striped floors are the ultimate statement. From custom stair runners, hand painted floors, to area and accent rugs, in monochromatic to bold and bright, your floors can be just as vibrant as your walls. 

Whether you start small with subtle changes or you want to make a big statement right off the bat, stripes are an on-trend way to bring energy, dimension and style to your home's décor.

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