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With hand-crafted, letterpressed cards that say things like, "Follow Your Own Star" and, "I'd Know It Was Your Birthday Even Without Facebook," Sycamore Street Press is making a worldwide, personal mark in the greeting card industry.

Located in the mountains of the Wasatch Front, this Heber City-based company is owned and operated by husband and wife, Kirk and Eva Jorgensen. One unique thing about their business—other than handmade cards—is the fact that they are selling their cards all over the world, from Europe to Australia. One other cool aspect of their business practices is that they use 100 percent recycled materials, including ink that is vegetable- and soy-based.

Photo courtesy:; Bon Voyage designed by Eva Jorgensen

When talking with Eva Jorgensen about how it all got started, she mentions that her entrepreneurial mindset began as a young girl helping her father with his work, and that studying art at the University of Utah helped her understand art on a larger scale. Jorgensen also added that the business actually started back in Ohio when her husband was attending a graduate program. "It's really amazing to see how far we've come, having only started this business about five years ago in our dining room," she says, "We really love it!"     

When you visit their website,, you can see the genuine love for creativity, family, travel and business. Their products can be bought directly from their website, but you can also find them on their Etsy page.